CPTS Account FAQ

The transition from the previous CPTS membership system to this current website system may have caused a few membership account difficulties. Please check the following FAQ’s if you are having any difficulties logging into your CPTS account.

I have difficulties logging in or renewing my membership.

If you had a CPTS membership in the past and want to renew the membersip or change your password:

  1. Go to https://cpts.ca/my-account
  2. For the username, use the email you signed up with and your most recent password.
  3. Find the membership tab and click Renew. When completeing the order, ensure the email used for the purchase stays the same as the email on file.
  4. An image showing how to renew CPTS membership.


Is the email address info@cpts.ca a trusted email?

Yes, info@cpts.ca is a trusted email and it is the email that sends out CPTS important event news and updates. The CPTS website sends the bulk membership emails through a trusted and verified industry partner.

How do administrators of CPTS members log into the members account?

In the past, some administrators were listed as members; they are no longer able to edit the actual desired member account.

Administrators can now create or login to a members account only with one email for each account.  Please email us if you are having login issues and we will resolve it for you.


Why is my membership purchase being declined?

If your credit card account is up to date, and your membership purchase is being declined, it may be due to the following:

  • the email that is used to log into the CPTS website must be the same email that you are using at the checkout as you make a purchase.

For example: if bob@accounting.com was used to create a membership account previously, bob@accounting.com must be used when registering or making other purchases on CPTS.ca.

How can I check to see if I have an account on this website?

If you had a membership in the past with the previous CPTS membership system or if you have purchased a membership from this website, you will have an account and your username is the email we have on file.

You can log into your account or change password here: https://cpts.ca/my-account/

If the system does not recognize your login attempt, please contact us. A new purchase would resolve the situation by creating a new membership but may cause difficulties with future login attempts.

I forgot my password!

Your username is the email you made a purchase with in the past. Your password can be changed via the link at the bottom of this login page: https://cpts.ca/my-account/